Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Service

  • Number of Personnel: 1 consultant and 15 spiritual community animators
  • Spiritual, Religious and Moral Education Consultant
  • Level: Elementary and Secondary Students of All Faith and Cultural Traditions
  • Services: This support function is exercised within the school board and in schools as follows:
  • Organization of service development with animators at all levels of structure
  • Organization of professional development for animators
  • Provides resource material to animators
  • Consultation and information on animation activities for animators
  • Organization of regular meetings with Regional Animation Teams
  • Consultation and information to parents, religious groups, and community organizations
  • Consultation on spiritual, moral issues and events of a spiritual or religious nature
  • Consultation, research and information on prevention and promotion programs in spiritual community animation
    (i.e. addictions, sex education, social issues, homophobia, reasonable accommodation)
  • Personnel: Spiritual Community Animators (15)
  • Level: Elementary and Secondary Students of All Faith and Cultural Traditions
  • Services: Each spiritual community animator is responsible for the spiritual and communal development of students in a cluster of schools within a region.
  • Develops and implements programs of activities of a community, humanitarian, spiritual and religious nature.
  • Organizes and implements spiritual services for special occasions in the schools.
  • Facilitates students’ involvement in community
  • Builds links between the students’ spiritual life and community involvement.
  • Works on a regional and school board team with animators and consultant
  • Provides information and guidance to staff, parents, and students with respect to student’s needs in terms of spiritual life and community involvement.