Animal Internship

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IMG_0944Animal Internship at Perspectives I-II
The Dogue Shop is an animal behaviour teaching and training facility on the South-West side of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough. The owner, Mme. Gaby Dufresne-Cyr, also conducts animal-assisted therapy programs in various high schools. Her unique and innovative facility employs dogs and rats. Mme. Dufresne-Cyr also likes to get involved in the community, thus, she takes interns from Perspectives I and II for a period of three months.
The internship is a fun and highly interactive program which teaches students science based training techniques and allows teens to practice their newly acquired skills. Last fall, Gaby worked with a young man named Steven Giliberti, from Perspectives II. Steven is a very mature student who learned the ropes very quickly. He was able to train the Dogue Shop’s resident dog Albear and the animal-assisted therapy rat colony.
Steven also assisted Gaby in her daily tasks which included conducting a rat animal-assisted therapy program at Focus, another EMSB school. Teens helping teens work with animals is, in Mme. Defense-Cyr’s opinion “The exemplary model of social learning.” Steven was able to fit in and facilitate communication and interactions between staff, animals, and Dogue Shop volunteers.
Gaby concluded, “Internships offered at Perspectives I and II are essential components of learning and are great assets for students. I believe the continuously growing workforce feels confused and lost; consequently, getting to see in advance what a job has to offer is worth a lifetime of searching, even if it’s to say, I definitely don’t want to do that for the rest of my life.” Perspectives I and II are lucky to have her on board!!