Caroline Calve “Tears it up” at Perspectives1!

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IMG_1396Olympic Snowboarder “Tears It Up” at Perspectives I

On Monday, January 11th, Perspectives 1 had the pleasure of having Olympian snowboarder Caroline Calve speak to the students and staff. Caroline Calve is not only the first but also the only Canadian woman to win a World Alpine Snowboarding competition. She was a member of the Canadian snowboarding team in the 2010 Vancouver and the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Speaking to an interested group of Perspectives I students, Caroline explained her unusual strategy. She began as an athlete early on doing Alpine skiing and continued that until age 22, when she began snowboarding, and found her true passion.

She asked the students and staff, “Do you have a dream, a passion?” She went on to say that when you love what you do, you forget about everything else, and nothing else bothers you.

She overcame her fears and developed a plan for herself. She made a list of things that she had to do to evolve and become better. She knew she would have to face having bad days and good days. Then Caroline faced a real setback. She suffered a knee injury. This was a pivotal point in her career. It was a life lesson, and it made her go forward instead of ending her life as a competitive athlete.

She searched for a strategy. Her dog, Enzo, motivated her training. Enzo was her companion for long-distance runs. She encouraged the Perspectives I students to look for who could be on their team (parents, teachers, others?) and also to believe in themselves. “We all have the potential to be great!”

According to Caroline, medals are not the indication of being a champion but your attitude is! The message of doing one’s best every day clearly came through.

Perspectives 1 was honoured to have her come and talk and share her story with us. She ended with this quote:


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